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Wanting a child so much without success brings a lot of pain to the couples as they cannot accomplish the family project they have. In most of the cases, when the doctor prescribe a high complexity treatment (FIV, ICSI) this pain gets deeper inside as the couple cannot deal either with economic resources or emotional support.
Our deepest commitment is to give them the chance to try as we all have the right to do it.

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Mobile.: 099 66 52 99 / 098 50 00 51

Here is how we can help you.

Follow these steps:
  • Contact the Foundation via email to info@fundaciondaraluz.org
  • Your contact information will be then added to Give Birth Foundation database. We encourage you to provide in your email the maximum of information related to each case.
  • Give Birth Foundation will try to help you meet your objectives and will inform you about the activities schedule throughout the year.
We are engaged to help those couples wanting a child without success. We would stay next to them by the time they have to face infertility and during every assisted reproduction treatment. We count with information, technical and emotional support. We care for financial problems and we work in order to get financial aid to partially pay the treatments.
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1 out of 6 needs help to conceive

Worldwide one couple out of six has difficulties to conceive, though, only 6% gets adequate treatment.
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