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Word spreading and adequate information are both great tools in order to diagnose infertility and its corresponding treatment. We are interested in reaching most population as prevention and an early interview with the doctor might help diminish the incidence of partner infertility and also improve pregnancy rates among those that might need an assisted reproduction treatment.
Bringing information and emotional support to couples going through a fertility treatment is essential to cope with it in a healthy and positive way.

About Us
We are a group of people that in some way or another had to deal with infertility problems. Many of lived the experience of having a reproduction disorder and we believe that it is extremely important to receive counselling to undertake the situation in a most positive way. And that is how Give Birth Foundation was born so we could bring relief to those people walking through this difficulty.
Give Birth Foundation would make you an appointment, would listen to your clinic case, the diagnosis and give disinterested assessment. We will provide professional assistance in order to help you think the best way to carry out the treatment.
We care for financial difficulties, therefore we have the resources to help couples by partially paying their assisted reproduction treatment (ovulation insemination, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation, etc.).

The Foundation together with its interdisciplinary team is engaged to give prior attention to those couples that most need support. Therefore, after a responsible selection, this foundation will give the couple financial aid to partially help them carry out a fertility treatment. We count with the infrastructure of the CEM - Centre of infertility of Montevideo- the first centre of assisted reproduction in Uruguay – to implement the treatment.
Assisted fertilisation is being practised for more than 25 years in Uruguay. Our professional team is willing to help and we all have a feeling of commitment towards society that makes us move. (And that is why we are proud of this project.)
We are engaged to help couples that are trying to get a child without success. And the way we do it is by being next to them while they are going through the process of assisted fertilisation by spreading the information, the knowledge and knowhow and also bringing emotional and financial support.

Give Birth Foundation is composed by a group of people, professionals ready to give their best to make this possible.
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